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“The most expensive hospital is the one that fails.”
-2008-2009 World Disaster Reduction Campaign

Onsite Water is the national leader in providing healthcare facilities with Emergency Water Supply (EWS) Systems.

We, along with the company from which OWM grew, have performed over 90 vulnerability and opportunity studies and over 60 system designs and installations.

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services recommends that participating hospitals have a plan in place to operate in emergency situations where municipal water is unusable or is not available.

Municipal supplies can and have been be disrupted by natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes and by the failure of the increasingly aging municipal water infrastructure.

OWM can Study, Design, Implement, and Maintain (SDIM) a variety of EWS systems using onsite water resources. Our systems can meet critical industrial water needs such as cooling tower, chiller,and boiler make-up, fire suppression and the like.

In addition, our systems can supply critical care services such as dialysis, decontamination, radiology, medical air, and eye washing. Our systems can help healthcare facilities meet their commitment to their communities in times of natural disasters and emergency situations.

Our EWS systems can be designed to pay for themselves over time and provide healthcare facilities significant on-going utility savings.

We can identify alternative onsite water sources and design systems for continuous operation.

There is no need to risk closure and evacuation of a healthcare facility – and the enormous associated reputational and financial costs- when your EWS system can pay for itself and provide a high return on investment.

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Services for increasing Resilience, Reuse, and Return on Investment from using water Right.

For both manufacturing and office facilities, Onsite Water can provide solutions to increase the resilience of your water supply, ensuring continuous operations during disruptions and outages of the municipal supply, provide solutions for water reuse, reducing your cost and meeting sustainability objectives, and provide a return on your investment.

For manufacturers, we can help you reduce your municipal water used in production activities and help you meet discharge reduction objectives by reclaiming water normally discharged as unusable.

For commercial office and business complexes, we can help you reduce your municipal water usage by reclaiming industrial outflows and recirculating it back into cooling towers, boilers, flushing, and other industrial water uses.

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Services to address contaminated municipal water (nitrates, etc.) on a decentralized basis Municipal Water Sources, though generally safe to drink, are still susceptible to contamination due to various waterborne germs such as Crytosporidium, E. coli, Hepatitis A, Giardia intestinalis, and other pathogens.

Other possible contaminants can come from disinfection by-products We can provide additional enhancements to handle such contamination, creating even safer water sources by employing filtration processes to remove sediment, followed by disinfecting processes that will kill any remaining parasites, bacteria and viruses. The disinfecting processes also provides additional protection from contaminants that may reside in the pipelines that provide water to homes and businesses.